Root Cellar Storage Tips

  1. Buy two thermometers and hygrometers.  Place one near floor level and the other at ceiling level.  Check the readings daily.
  2. Harvest in cold weather when soil is dry
  3. Don’t wash produce before storing it-only wipe off soil.
  4. Store only unbruised produce
  5. Keep shelves away from walls to allow air circulation
  6. Keep food off the floor in case of flooding and to improve air circulation.
  7. Do not heap produce in large piles as this causes heat
  8. Pack roots in a moist sand, sawdust or moss to cut down on surface evaporation
  9. Put gravel over the soil floor.
  10. You can sprinkle water on it if you need higher humidity
  11. Set pans of water on the floor to increase humidity
  12. If condensation is a problem spread dry burlap sacks or layers of newspapers over the food to absorb any water that may drip from the ceiling
  13. Plan a separate place for your canned foods.  A root cellar is too moist and will cause the lids to rust
  14. Examine your vegetables every week to weed out things that have spoiled
  15. Make notes about where and when you have stored your harvest and what has gone poorly and well so you can learn from your experience.
  16. Clean out Root Cellar at the end of the vegetable storage season

About thegreenlifefarm

The Green Life Farm welcomes people who are on a path toward sustainability, increased environmental consciousness and mindfulness. We are 80% food self sufficient, off the grid for lighting, have reduced our wastes by 90% and have become more and more producers instead of consumers. The Green Life Farm is a place to meet kindred spirits and experience how it could be to reconnect with people and nature. Our farm is always open to visitors interested in alternative energy, living, thinking, building, husbandry, forestry, cooking and farming. In summer, our place is open to campers. Our names are: Bonnie and Sylvain. Calling 902-665-2084 is best because we are not online,, every day. You are welcome to bring your pet. Be ready to use an outhouse! All visits include harvesting (even in winter), preparing and sharing a meal…and good discussions
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