Working Together and Learning Sustainable Living Skills

The Green Life Farm belongs to the wwoof network.  Wwoof is an acronym for “world wide opportunities on organic farms”.  It  is a worldwide network of volunteers and farm hosts in more than 30 countries.  The web site for the Canadian division is
We have wwoofed on a few farms and have been hosts on our own land.  It has always been a great experience one way or another.  Wwoofing is a way to experience sharing a space and values with other people.  With some people it only goes so far, while with others it flows like time spent with old friends.  Wwoofing is a good way to look into an alternative way of life.  It is a experience of self discovery since it is a leap into the unknown.  It may not be exactly what you’re looking for but it is always a learning experience.
This year we’ve had four wwoofers.  Three from Montreal and one from Maine

James and bread

James and the "no knead" bread he learned to make. We make our daily bread at The Green Life Farm.

Williamharvesting Camomille

William harvesting camomille in one of the medicinal herb gardens

Meagan and Roses

Meagan and the rose petals she harvested used to make rose oil.

James using hand saw

James using a handsaw to cut wood while helping to clear the area around the composting toilet cabin.

Composting Toilet Structure

The composting toilet cabin. The roof is used as a catchment for rain water.

Meagan and Drill Press

Meagan using the drill press to repair and recycle

William and Pea sign

William and the panel he hand lettered for the road side sign.

Meagan and Sylvain working the soil

Meagan and Sylvain working the soil in the new garden in the back meadow.

William moving Cabin

Working together to move a little cabin to the farm.

Little Cabin in the back meadow

The Little cabin in its new home.

Meagan and Ukulele

Meagan jamming

William and Moon

William being


About thegreenlifefarm

The Green Life Farm welcomes people who are on a path toward sustainability, increased environmental consciousness and mindfulness. We are 80% food self sufficient, off the grid for lighting, have reduced our wastes by 90% and have become more and more producers instead of consumers. The Green Life Farm is a place to meet kindred spirits and experience how it could be to reconnect with people and nature. Our farm is always open to visitors interested in alternative energy, living, thinking, building, husbandry, forestry, cooking and farming. In summer, our place is open to campers. Our names are: Bonnie and Sylvain. Calling 902-665-2084 is best because we are not online,, every day. You are welcome to bring your pet. Be ready to use an outhouse! All visits include harvesting (even in winter), preparing and sharing a meal…and good discussions
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