About Bonnie

Me and some friends

Bonnie and friends

My name is Bonnie Kerr and I no longer live in Nova Scotia at the The Green Life Farm but now live in Quebec  at the Quebec Terre a Terre project which is very similar to The Green Life Farm project.  I am a market gardener, artist, writer and astrologer deeply interested in medicinal and food plants.  I began my journey to The Green Life Farm 15 years ago when I left my life and art gallery businesses in New York City to live closer to nature.  That journey has taken me around the world.  While I have been trying to shed my attachment to the manmade, material world, I have added a husband, a dog, thirty chickens, two hives of bees, cherished friends and a relationship with nature that grounds me even in the most difficult circumstances.

My favorite thing about being in the garden or in the woods is just that…being there.  To walk through the landscape and know the plants and trees is one of my greatest joys.  My challenge in life is to try as much as possible to leave no trace behind.  Not always an easy thing in this world that you and I were born into.  So, I have a car, a computer and burn fossil fuels but I light my living space with solar energy, grow 80% of my food, work with hand tools as much as possible especially in the forest and in the garden and buy local.

Through this blog, I hope to come into contact with kindred spirits.  As part of the simple life, I am only online twice a week for a few hours so I may be “slow” in replying to emails or comments but am very grateful for any thoughts from readers.


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