Cruelty Free Eggs For Sale

$4.00 A DOZEN


* Are Not Confined

* Forage Freely

* Fed mostly Organic Grains

* Are not forced to lay under light

* Lay Extra Large Eggs

* Lay Fertile Eggs

Chickens eating and drinking at one of our watering ponds

A girlfriend, who had chickens herself, was observing my chickens one day. She said with a bit of wonder in her voice that I  had the smartest chickens she had ever encountered.  I thought about that comment for a minute and replied that it is because they have life experience.  Our hens spend the day outside foraging freely.  They encounter predators from the sky and ground, know how and where to find food and water and can keep themselves clean with dust baths. They are not forced to lay eggs under light or in confinement.  They are not slave chickens dependent on us for everything.  Consequently, they bless us with luscious, healthy, nutrient rich, stress free, eggs.

Hens at the beauty parlor taking a dust bath

We treat our chickens as sentient beings.  It takes a bit more effort to integrate them into the farm community.  We fenced in our market gardens rather than fencing in the chickens.  We also have to fence them from the road and our neighbors back yards.  We make sure that they have soil to take dust baths even in the winter. Everyday, we clean their coop, where they perch at night, and make sure that the air in the coop is healthy and sweet.  We keep only one rooster so that the girls are not sexual harassed by competing males.  We provide them with secure nesting boxes that they visit over and over again so that we don’t have to search for eggs.  We let them sit on their eggs if they get broody and marvel at the learning program a mother hen will teach her chicks when they are small.  When they stop laying eggs, we don’t kill them.  Instead we respect the cycle  of nature.  We practice compassion with them like we try to do with anything and everyone else.

One of the chickens' guardians

To help protect them from predators our dog, Boule de beurre, is trained to protect the chickens.  He watches and makes his mark to let other creatures know that this is his territory.  He will bark to alert us if there is a threat.  Our rooster is also doing his duty as a flock guardian.

Our mighty rooster


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