Root Cellar Workshops And Tours

Our first Nova Scotia root cellar

Building a root cellar is a good way to start on the road of self sufficiency.  We built our first root cellar in Quebec.  Since then, we can’t imagine living without one.  When we moved to Nova Scotia in November 2009, we improvised a small root cellar under the floor of our living space in the barn.  It kept apples fresh that we gathered in November until April 2010.  In the fall of 2010 we finished the frame of the foundation for a large root cellar that we will finish in the spring/summer of 2011.

We have been sharing our experience of building a root cellar, planning a root cellar garden and storing the harvest.  Last year, we facilitated two workshops at The Green Barn in Granville Centre, one in New Minas with the Ecology Action Center and another with the

Chef with underground literature

Living Earth Council in Truro.

We are available to individuals and organizations for a small fee

Please, contact us at:


Sylvain Pilon and Bonnie Kerr

The Green Life Farm

188 Clarence Road

Bridgetown, NS B0S 1CO

More Root Cellar Workshop Photographs and a Song

Food for the soul……

Sylvain and songwriter Jim Dale perform at the Ecology Action Center Root Cellar Tour


The perfect ending to a root cellar workshop or tour...the "Beetific Chocolate Cake".

Sylvain digging it....

Root Cellar fans from the Ecology Action Center

Sylvain and stealth root cellar on one of our tours

On our "Root Cellar Tour" in Annapolis Royal

Tillie showing us some of her Celeriac during a "Root Cellar Tour"

Another "Root Cellar Tour" adventure


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