Start Simple With Solar Workshops

A journey starts with the first step

 Inspiration for Action

a simple, solar system for your home for between $300-$500
Learn how to design it, source the components locally & install it



Thursday ~ May 12 ~ 6:30-9:00 pm

Saturday ~ May 14 ~ 2:30-5:00 pm

COST:  $15 a person, $25 a couple


LOCATION:  The Green Barn ~ 5469 Highway 1 ~ Granville Ferry


When we hear about solar power for our homes, we are led to believe that we have to run all our appliances with solar power and it is going to cost between $20-30,000.00.  No wonder not many people use solar power !  In our workshop, we’ll share our experience running our lights, our laptop and recharge batteries for our small electronic devices like digital camera, CD players, etc with a system that has cost us less than $500.00.

  We have used this system for more than 10 years.  Our monthly bill for electricity is less than $13.00 a month!  It goes without saying that we use other sources of energy like wood and propane.     Most of the components that we will use during the workshop can be found locally at the big box store, auto supply stores, hardware stores and through local small specialized entrepreneurs.

The “Start Simple With Solar” workshop will help people who want to take the first step towards renewable energy and have a alternative backup when the grid goes down. Through hands on exercises, workshop attendees will learn how to successfully design and install a simple, solar electric power system, for lights and small electronics.

We will show people how to safely assemble the system which is not more difficult than replacing the battery of a car.  This small system can help you get a grip on your energy expenses.  It is now clear to everyone that energy prices will keep rising and could even go up suddenly, due to world political and weather events. Now is the time to build resilience for what could be hard times ahead.

People are now very aware of the damage that carbon based fuels cause to the environment and want to do something to minimize their carbon footprint.  It is hard to know where to start.  This small system puts you on the path of helping the planet.  When I first started using this simple solar system I was surprised how mindful I became about my energy use. It put me in the frame of mind that I could make a difference by how I acted in my personal life. I started to make other simple changes to reduce my electrical consumption like turning off my hot water heater during the day, unplugging my computer at the wall and getting a land line phone that doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall. I now feel empowered instead of overwhelmed by the difficult issues we face today.

Note: We neither sell nor install solar systems.  We just want to share our enthusiasm for this alternative energy and help people get started on a greener path.

One of our solar panels mounted on a tripod


One Response to Start Simple With Solar Workshops

  1. brenda thompson says:

    Great workshop Bonnie & Sylvain! I can’t believe I actually understood what you told us and have the basics down! Every other time I have read about solar power, the technical explanations have last me early on….your workshop was simple and easy to understand. You need to do more of these workshops!

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