Wwoof/Volunteer on our farm


Bonnie and friends.....We welcome all animals with their people.

We are looking for volunteers starting in spring 2011 and should be able to accommodate people through winter 2011, in a cabin in the woods that you could help building this summer.  You don’t have to belong to Wwoof to work with us.

Dancing together with a shovel and the soil

WWOOF stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”.  The organization started in the 1970’s as an opportunity for people young at heart, to volunteer on organic farms and experience sustainable, alternative living.  It is a working example of the “new economy” and a way for environmentally sensitive and conscious people to walk the walk and talk the talk.  We welcome both you and your animal companions.

The deal is that you volunteer to help on an organic farm in exchange for shelter and food.  Wwooofing is available in about 30 countries including Canada and the USA.  You can learn more at www.wwoof.ca in Canada and www.wwoof.org worldwide.

Soul work too!

We have been both a Wwoofer host and Wwoofers.  Volunteering is an excellent way to meet kindred spirits, travel and experience the green life.  Many Wwooofers travel on an airplane to their farm destination but we have had Wwooofers who biked and hiked around the world in order to keep their carbon footprints at a minimum.  There are also many places, here in Nova-Scotia that can use help and would be happy to share their lives with enthusiastic people.

Wal from Germany

Some Wwoofers go wwoofing until they find someone who is interested in taking them in as partner.  This is an excellent way to begin the green life if you do not have money to purchase land.


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